About Me

I'm so glad you found me!

My name is Monique, a creative soul from the Netherlands. Early on in my childhood I realised how much fun it was to make up stories, and because of some wonderful encouragement I received, I started writing them down.

From writing stories, I went to writing books, and it was completely unplanned, but so wonderful. I once again was encouraged and that's what really marked the beginning of my obsession with writing books.

Next to writing, my passions are teaching and photography. I am an English as a Second Language teacher in the Netherlands, encouraging my pupils to speak English as much as possible.

I also am a lover of animals, I am basically married to a little bird, his name is Coco, and I have befriended many of the neighbourhood cats.

Behind Bubs' Adventures

Like with so many things in my life, Bubs' Adventures turning into a book, and then a series, was completely unplanned. I had been taking photographs of Bubs going on various adventures for a while, when it was suggested to me by a friend to write stories about him. My original plan was to write short stories, but before I knew it, Saving Easter was a book.

While writing Saving Easter, the idea to turn Bubs' Adventures into a series emerged. Shortly after publishing Saving Easter, the first in the series, I had already started writing on the second book, which is currently in progress. I cannot wait to share that with you as well!

Behind Black Velvet

Black Velvet started out as a short story for a school assignment, but my wonderful teacher encouraged me to keep on working on it, and turn it into a book. Throughout the process, she helped me a lot by proofreading the manuscript and giving me plenty feedback. I am very happy I was able to turn "that scribble" into a book, and I am forever grateful for my teacher's encouragement and support.